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Our Brands

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  • Origi-7


    Organic + Origin = Origi The organic dog food made by BOWWOW KOREA, is the compound word of "Organic" and "Origin",
    which means the fundamental of the Korean first certified organic feeds.

  • Zenith

    zinith 제니스

    "Zenith", the soft premium dog food brand, is "the top, summit and peak in English", meaning the premium feeds for happy and healthy life of
    companion dogs, which is the goal of BOWWOW KOREA.

  • Bow Bakery

    바우와우 베이커리

    Korea's first companion animal brand "BOW BAKERY" It is a symbolic logo brand that combines the symbol of BOWWOW, the bull terrier, and the "A"
    of'BAKERY' in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Mumargin


    "MU" of MUMARGIN It means “nothing” in Chinese, and has the connotations of “no burden” and “not exaggerated”.
    It is a brand that aims for a reasonable price with good quality and minimal margin, which are the
    advantages of direct domestic manufacturing.


  • Chupa Creamy

    chupa creamy 츄파크리미

    Chupa Creamy "Chupa Creamy", the squeeze-type snack brand with palatability and soft texture, is the compound
    word of "Chupa", meaning "absorb and suck in" and "Cream".